What if you could heal your past, embrace yourself & appreciate life?

Are you done taking people, things and life for granted? Do you keep asking yourself where time went? Do you have unhealed wounds and relationships that keep nagging you? Do you feel ready to start embracing all that is you, and step into a reality where you are more present, at peace and fulfilled - I'm here to help you make it happen.

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My vision & my why

I've master the art of forgiveness and healing the past. I hold the keys to embrace your authentic self and loving yourself - no matter how your unique situation looks like.

And I know how you can go from running through your busy life and taking everyone and everything for granted - to actually starting to appreciate and enjoy your life, and those around you.

One thing we can be sure of, is that we don't know how long we get to experience this thing called life.

But what if we make the most of the time we have here? Without regrets, without things that weren't said, stories that weren't told. Without wishing we were different. And without dreams that weren't fulfilled. 

The future is in your hands, and so is your now. You choose, after all - you are the artist, and the CEO of your life. When you grow old, what memories do you want to remember?

After working with Anna, I've created a habit of savoring the present moment. I've chose the here and now and my daughters, instead of mindless scrolling and "busy work". I got my life back - it's priceless! Thank you!

Jessica, Entrepreneur & Mom 

Fun facts about me.

I'm a seasoned leader with 12+ years experience, and a lifelong experience in self-acceptance and self-love. I've worked with clients from almost all continents. I'm a teenage mom, introvert, intuitive, empath. I have a dry and weird sense of humor, and sometimes laugh at my own jokes. I love to travel and paint dreamy sunsets in acrylics and oils. And just so you know, I'm addicted to black coffee and raspberries.

My coaching approach is holistic - I believe that body, mind and spirit need to be in harmony for profound and sustainable results. I don't provide band-aids, instead we'll get into the root cause, which oftentimes includes healing and forgiving your past. This can sometimes be painful, but the rewards are infinite. 

I never out my clients publicly, unless they insist. Integrity is my middle name, so absolute discretion is my promise to you. 

My work isn't for everyone. For me, the coach - client relationship is built on mutual respect, integrity and a strong willpower to make a change. If you want someone to do all of the heavy lifting for you, without you doing anything on your end, please consult someone else. I'll give you tough love, and help you get your desired results, if you are ready and willing to invest time, energy and money in yourself.